Times Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Times Saturday Sunday
5:45am Functional Group (Jack) Showtime Boxing (Bryan) Functional Group (Kristan) Showtime Boxing (Jack) Functional Group (Bryan) 9:00am Functional Group (Ish)  
6:30am   Weights (Bryan)   Functional Group (Jack)   9:45am   Showtime Boxing (Bryan)
9:30am Functional Group (Bryan)   Functional Group (Jenna)   Functional Group (Bryan) 12:00pm   Tums, Guns & Bums Ladies Only (Lucy)
4:30pm Kids Session (school terms) Elite Boxing 4:45pm (Nicky Boy)   Kids Session (school terms)        
5:30pm Showtime Boxing (Bryan) Showtime Boxing (Jack) 5:45pm   Elite Boxing (Nicky Boy) Functional Group (Jack)      
6:30pm Kickboxing (Jack) Functional Group (Bryan) Sparring 6:15pm (Bryan) Showtime Boxing / Kickboxing (Jack)        
Updated February 2018
Elite Boxing – Boxing sessions for people currently competing or interested in competition level boxing.
Functional Group – Combinations of training techniques using a variety of gym equipment. Open to all levels of abilitiy.
Kickboxing – All abilities kickboxing sessions.
Kids Sessions – Fun fitness based non-contact boxing for kids and young people 16 years and under. Runs during school terms.
Showtime Boxing – A fitness and boxing skills class suitable for all abilities including beginners to elite boxers.
Sparring – Sparring session for those wanting to learn to box or currently competing (requires head gear, mouth guard and 16oz gloves).
Weights – A combination of weight lifting techniques including Olympic lifting, Overload techniques, etc.
Tums, Guns & Bums – Ladies only fitness session focusing on various training techniques and using a range of equipment.
Opening Hours:
Mondays – Thursdays 5.30am-12pm, 3pm-8pm
Fridays 5.30am-12pm, 3-7pm
Saturdays 8.30am-12.30pm
Sundays 8.30am-1pm